Kirrilly Brentnall

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About Kirrilly Brentnall

Factual Producer & Senior Researcher Kirrilly Brentnall has worked on 20 episodes of the popular SBS Television history series WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Other career highlights include chasing down bushrangers of the past for LAWLESS and traveling around the pacific for UNCHARTED WITH SAM NEILL. A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts Film School, Kirrilly has worked for a number of independent film & television production companies in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, including Screentime, Northern Pictures, CJZ & Genepool, Essential Media & Entertainment, SBS Television, Cornerbox, Singing Nomads Productions, Artemis International & Serendipity, 360 Degree Films, Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia and UK company Wall to Wall. Kirrilly has liaised and worked with researchers, journalists, academics, historians, family members, fixers and producers in Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Sweden, Poland, Peru, Vietnam, China, Korea, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Israel, Belarus, New Caledonia, East & West coasts of Australia and the local Aboriginal communities from the Kamilaroi, Yingarda, Mulgana & Wardandi nations. Under the banner of 19Films, Kirrilly Brentnall works with local and international production companies to create dynamic content for television. 19Films offers field producing, research, fixing & location management services to TV production companies working in Australia. 19films latest film screened recently on SBS' STUDIO.

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Title/Postion: Story Producer, Producer / Director, Field Producer, Researcher
Department: Producers
Number Of Years: 10+ to 15 Years
Degree/Education: Masters Degree

Past Jobs

Who do you think you are?

  • Dates: 01/Sep/2008 to 30/Jun/2016
  • Your Role: Field Producer & Senior Researcher
  • Production Company: Artemis International & Warner Bros TV
  • Type / Genre of Show: History Documentary Series

Uncharted with Sam Neill

  • Dates: 01/01/2017 to 04/11/2017
  • Your Role: Field Producer & Researcher
  • Production Company: Essential Media and Entertainment
  • Type / Genre of Show: History Documentary Series

Aussie Inventions that changed the world

  • Dates: 12/11/2017 to 02/06/2018
  • Your Role: Story Producer
  • Production Company: Northern Pictures
  • Type / Genre of Show: History Documentary Series


  • Dates: 01/08/2016 to 20/12/2016
  • Your Role: Field Producer
  • Production Company: Genepool Productions & CJZ
  • Type / Genre of Show: History Documentary Series