Nikki Webber-Colombo

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About Nikki Webber-Colombo

After over 15yrs in the hairdressing, makeup, photographic, styling, beauty and event industry working behind the scenes producing shows and in front onstage as a corporate performer has given me a unique perspective at both sides of the Makeup, Wedding, Beauty, Photographic, PR and Event industry. If there is one thing I’m really good at, is having the intuitive psychic skills of tuning into what people really want and how to deliver their needs. I really enjoy making people feel good! I have styled and performed for thousands of weddings and events on the Gold Coast and overseas and am happy to pass on my experience creating a competitive, consistent brand in the market. My clients and friends describe me as a warm friendly compassionate problem solver and stylist/personality with creative flair. My inspiration is to consistently go above and beyond bringing magic to the client the freshest styles and ideas by keeping up with the current trends and help the client express different sides of their personality by valuing their opinions throughout the whole process, constantly checking in always aware to make them feel comfortable which also makes an exceptional, outstanding unforgettable enjoyable, confidence boosting wonderful journey and experience!. Edit card

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Title/Postion: Makeup Artist
Department: Makeup / Hair
Number Of Years: Less than 1 Year
Degree/Education: Associate Degree