Jack Swart

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About Jack Swart

My name is Jack Swart and I have worked with cast and crew sizes as large as 1500 people and as small as one. More often than not, however, I find myself alone, researching, shooting, interviewing and doing the edit on Davinci Resolve. I find cutting my own work makes me a better shooter. Was inspired by 6 months in Africa on Mad Max Fury Road and 2 years around Australia shooting travel docos. I bring to the table 20+ years behind the camera, and just about as long editing what I have shot. I am super quick on Davinci Resolve Studio 14 for editing and colour grading. I have my own Super 35mm 4K digital cinematography Cine Alta Sony PMW F5 camera, Zeiss lenses, sound, lights and edit suite

Personal Details


Title/Postion: Director Of Photography (DOP)
Department: Camera
Number Of Years: More than 15 Years
Degree/Education: Certification

Past Jobs

Mad Max Fury Road

  • Dates: June 2012 to December 2012 date
  • Your Role: Remote camera links
  • Production Company: Kennedy Miller
  • Type / Genre of Show: Feature film