Siobhan Moylan

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About Siobhan Moylan

My name is Siobhan Moylan. I am an experienced Producer / Director / Senior Researcher and Journalist. I am a researcher/AP with a masters degree in journalism. I am also an experienced documentary maker, in-between jobs. I believe I am perfect for this two week contract. I have just wrapped up a role as a PD with WAG TV in Islington. The show was called Strange Evidence and is in Season three for Discovery Channel. It is on air now. A bit about me, as mentioned, I have a Masters Degree in journalism and have worked across all platforms, including, print, radio and television for 20 years. Previous to WAG TV London, I was an AP and shooter on a hospital set documentary for National Geographic in the US called Miracle Hospital. I can send clips of this work upon request. Prior to that I was the AP and co-writer of a show for the ABC’s Flagship Science show, Catalyst. Catalyst is similar to Horizon in the UK. This role was based in Australia. Prior to that I directed a tech series in Singapore. I have researched and produced numerous documentaries, am deeply focused and am currently writing my own documentary. I love dealing with talent and presenters and am hugely organised and passionate about making shows. I am a good writer, and am vastly experienced with finding stories, gaining access to sensitive locations and have managed teams and crews for shoots across the UK, Asia and Australia. I have a strong, proven background working with, directing and producing talent.

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Title/Postion: Producer / Director
Department: Producers
Number Of Years: 10+ to 15 Years